Welcome to Colorado Training Associates

Colorado Training Associates offers parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities a private play-based clinic that coaches families in building social relationships with their special child as part of their unique family unit.

Colorado Training Associates is owned and operated by Dr. Rosemary Cullain, of Denver, Colorado.

Overview of Services Offered:

Developmental Behavior Intervention
Dr. Cullain subscribes to a developmental philosophy and uses researched techniques and strategies in this area to coach parents who are coping with behavioral and communicative challenges with their children.

Educational Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorder
If parents want an outside evaluation for any reason Dr. Cullain is able conduct that evaluation and provide a report suitable for use as part of an IEP in a school district.

Cognitive, Educational, Adaptive, and Emotional Assessments
Newest versions of all standardized assessments are used. Dr. Cullain summarizes results in a comprehensive evaluation report with recommendations and will reviews with parents.

School District Consultation and Professional Development
Dr. Cullain holds current licensure in Colorado in Special Education Teaching and Administration, Elementary School Principalship, and School Psychology. Consultation services are offered for school districts and BOCES throughout the state.

Relational Developmental Intervention
Dr. Cullain uses a sequenced, planned parent coaching model where parents and a consultant work with the child at his social development level to gain functional skills.