Developmental Behavior Intervention

This intervention is developmental in philosophy and utilizes the research of Developmental theory. It is utilized with parents coping with behavioral challenges with their children. This intervention begins with an assessment of the child and the parents strengths and needs in the areas of parent-child interaction, communication, and management. A treatment plan is determined and parents are coached by Dr. Cullain using a variety of video, demonstration, and discussion. Parents are given strategies to use in practical situations between visits and followed up by Dr. Cullain.

The philosophy of this intervention is a parent coaching model that emphasizes supporting parents as they parent challenging children. The whole family unit is considered in the intervention not just one child in particular. Support is provided for all persons working with the child and school consultation is also provided for those children experiencing difficulty at school as well as at home.

Typically treatment involves a combination of clinic time for demonstration teaching with the child and parent; review of tapes of practical assignments given by Dr. Cullain for parents to practice in the natural home setting; parent meetings without the child. In addition parents enjoy email, and phone access as needed for support between appointments.

Fee: $600.00/month


Educational Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr. Cullain encourages families to first seek and Educational Identification of Autism through their local public school. If parents want an outside evaluation for any reason Dr. Cullain is able conduct that evaluation and provide a report suitable for use as part of an IEP in a school district. Dr. Cullain will begin by conducting an Autism Diagnostic Interview- Revised (ADIR) with parents. This is an in-depth interview with parents which is the first step in the assessment.

The second step is to conduct the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale (ADOS) which is an activity based assessment used in conjunction with the ADIR. Dr. Cullain will also ask for any other recent testing that has been conducted in the area of pragmatic language, sensory processing, and academic achievement. Dr. Cullain will summarize results in a comprehensive evaluation report with recommendations for parents and will meet with parents to review these results.

Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised (ADIR)

ADIR is a detailed interview conducted with the parent which focuses on early development in social and communication and self help skills of the child. It is directly related and correlated to the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale (ADOS)

Autistic Diagnostic Observation Scale (ADOS)

The ADOS is a play-based/activity-based assessment that examines communication, social reciprocity, creativity and stereotypic behaviors which are indicative of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Fee: $800.00


Cognitive, Educational, Adaptive, and Emotional Assessments

Dr. Cullain encourages families to first seek to have any, or all of these assessments conducted by their local public school. If parents desire an outside evaluation or a second opinion Dr. Cullain will be happy to conduct any or all of these assessments. The newest versions of all standardized assessments are used. Dr. Cullain will summarize results in a comprehensive evaluation report with recommendations and will meet with parents to review these results.

Anxiety Assessments

Anxiety is one of the most troublesome matters for individuals with Autism. Dr. Cullain uses a variety of anxiety based assessments including the Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale. Once the type of anxiety is identified, it is much more effective to use specific interventions.

Psycho-Educational Profile Revised (PEP-R)

Many times families receive a diagnosis or an identification of Autism Spectrum Disorder and a few recommendations but no real tool to assess how to sequentially plan an educational program. The TEAACH center at the University of North Carolina has developed the PEP-R for this reason. This is a developmental, criterion referenced assessment which flags many of the core deficits of Autism. This assessment is play based and enjoyed by many youngsters. It enables us to focus in on the areas that need remediation and a report also includes a complete program plan with goals and objectives, baselines, and evaluation criteria.

Fee: $150.00/hour


School District Consultation and Professional Development

Dr. Cullain does currently provide consultation services for several school districts and BOCES throughout the state and can provide references for other school districts seeking this service.

Dr. Cullain holds current and valid licensure in the State of Colorado in Special Education Teaching and Administration, Elementary School Principal ship, and School Psychology. She specializes in Program Planning, and Professional Training in the areas Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disabilities, Moderate and Severe Learning Needs, ADD, ADHD, Emotional Disorders. She also conducts training for staff and designs training based on the district staff development needs.

In State Fee per day: $1500.00 plus travel and expenses.
In State Fee Multi Day Contract In-state: Flat Rate $1000.00.
Out of State per day: $2000.00 plus travel and expenses.


Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)®:

RDI® is a sequenced, planned parent coaching model where parents and a consultant work with the child at his social development level to gain skills and functions. It is a program parents have described as systematic but flexible.

Parents have also used terms like, developmental, parent empowering, balanced and normalizing easy to carry over into everyday life, structured with an emphasis on video-tape feedback and parent support. RDI® places emphasis on training the parent as well as the child, not in work-around-methods, but in how to have success in simplified social situations.

The sequence of RDI® "frameworks" creates a structure of success built from successful social interactions placing special importance on the very early and fundamental interactions.

RDI® Development

RDI® was developed by Dr. Steven Gutstein. RDI® is continuing to evolve and grow as more effective methods are discovered and as the body of research pertaining to Autism grows throughout the world.

For a wealth of information on RDI® visit the connections center.